High School Details

Before qualifying for the final event, 40 high school teams submitted 90 second elevator pitches along with a business plan to the sharks. They also attended workshops and mentoring sessions. The top eight teams were chosen to compete in the final pitch competition.

Each pitch had four minutes to present their business idea followed by four minutes of questions from our Sharks. Once all eight teams presented, the Sharks deliberated off screen, comparing notes and the decision of who would place first, second, and third places. 

Finlit, a Junior Achievement team, took first place with their financial literacy board game.

"We made a board game that teaches kids financial literacy. It's fun, interactive, and engaging. The game works by putting players in real-life scenarios where they have to make smart financial decisions. From recurring car payments, unexpected expenses, and navigating a volatile stock market, kids will learn the fundamentals of financial literacy." - Finlit Website

Prizes awarded:

1st place: Finlit $3,000 and the opportunity to present business pitch to the Executive Board of Directors for Stark Economic Development Board in June.

 2nd place: Trash Stash $2,000

3rd place: Easy on the Ears $1,000

4th places: Helmet Hero & Fulfilled $750

Crescent Clasps, TrashZilla, and Y.E.A.G.E.R. Clips each received $100 to advance their ideas as well.  

You can watch the recorded event HERE

Our Sharks:

Ken Brott - President at KDB Services

Mark Fedor - CEO Morgan Industries

Dominic Bagnoli - Executive Chairman, Board of Directors at US Acute Care Solutions

Sue Grabowski - CEO – Desidara 

BIll Morgenstern - Vistage Chair at Vistage Worldwide, Inc.


Program Summary

Strengthening Stark, and successful entrepreneurs represented by our sharks. Our collective goal is to encourage entrepreneurship in our students at the middle school, high school, and—new for 2021—college levels. Stark Tank is a collaboration effort from 

Young entrepreneurs can check out www.strengtheningstark.com/starktank for more information on getting involved next year. We will keep it up to date as we get closer to the 2021-2022 school year. We hope to hold in person events for 2022 and increase our students’ exposure to local entrepreneurs and mentorship.