NaSheka Combs-Lemon


Title and Employer/Organization

Career Connect Engagement Manager / Strengthening Stark


How would you describe your day job to a child?

I am a part of a movement working with community leaders and employers to provide career opportunities for Stark residents. We connect job seekers and students with new and amazing opportunities right here in Stark.


What led you to your current employer or job field?

I have a true passion for making my community better. I truly believe that it takes all citizens with an open mind and diverse background to affect meaningful change. Therefore, when I found out about Strengthening Stark’s mission, I knew it aligned with my values. Stark County is my home. I live, work, and play here. I want to do my part at moving us forward. 


How did you first get involved with the Strengthening Stark movement?

I learned about Strengthening Stark while being a participant in Leadership Stark County Spotlight Program. I fell in love with the mission, so I was elated to find out a position was available. I met with Rebecca Kuzma, COO to learn more about the organization. After our meeting, I volunteered to assist with a small business growth task force.


What are you most proud of in Stark County? 

I am most proud of the community we have here in Stark County. When one of our citizens is in need, their neighbors, friends, and family will come together to help them. We take care of each other and that makes me proud to be a Massillon Tiger and from Stark County.


What advice would you give to new Stark County residents?

Get out and expand your circle. It is easy to stay in the bubble of your community you live in, but I charge new and current residents to expand their community palette. We have some amazing people and places in Stark, with a rich history, so expose yourself and your family to all of Stark and her people.


If you won the lottery and could purchase one thing for our community, what would it be and why?

I was born and raised in Massillon and I bleed orange and black! When I was in high school, I worked at the Boys &Girls of Massillon. The BGCM is very near and dear to my heart and their mission is amazing. If I won the lottery, I would update the building and enhance the programs. I think the BGCM is a perfect place to provide the community with much needed services, including financial literacy, healthy boundaries, career exploration, and so much more. These programs can assist the family as a whole, educating the parents and children.


What Stark County restaurant should we check out this weekend?

There are so many amazing restaurants in Stark, but I would suggest two; The Sangria Stand in Massillon and Ed’s Smokehouse in Canton. The Sangria Stand has amazing house made sangria with gorgeous in-door and out-door sitting for a whole vibe. Ed’s has the best soul food in town and their BBQ chicken is delicious.