Stark County Youth Led Prevention is a leadership organization through Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health that allows students and young adults to become more engaged and involved in their community. Facilitated by Prevention Specialists Hannah Cowie and Marissa Cooney, the SCYLP program focuses on adolescent experiences through spreading awareness, educating community members, and socializing with peers surrounding issues of mental health and substance use prevention and control. This group is open to young adults ages 14-20 who are interested in bettering the Stark County community through utilizing their unique perspective and voice.


“I originally joined SCYLP because my counselor told me about me about. I continue going because I realized it was not only fun, but doing something productive is great for my mental health! SCYLP is all of the fun parts of a group project without all of the bad parts.” -Travis

 “ SCYLP is a fun, laid-back group that allows me to become an active member of my community. By attending meetings, I am given the opportunity to earn service hours and also eat food and dessert, which is always an extra bonus provided! Since day one, I have felt more involved, and the kind members are always nice to socialize with. Hannah and Marissa have provided a welcoming environment for me and anyone else and have given me the chance to feel like a leader.” - Kiersten

Past Projects and Future Plans

Our members have spent their time and energy this past year completing several projects with resources to share with the community. Our first big project was completed in December 2020 and consisted of mental health care packages to promote self-care within the community. These packages were constructed by the teens of SCYLP and distributed at 4 community locations for individuals and families to take home.

The youth have also created two original campaigns to spread awareness of substance use the first being titled “You’re Not Getting Away with It”. This campaign reminded young adults of the health risks that using substances poses while simultaneously providing local resources and information for teens and young adults to turn to.

Our second campaign was recently completed by the teens. This campaign focused on bringing awareness to the typical misconceptions of substance use and mental health. The teens used their personal experiences to identify common myths spread through their schools and communities. They then completed research to identify the truth about these topics. These myths and facts were then compiled into a series of social media posts that will be shared on the SCYLP Instagram starting in May as a way to bring attention to Mental Health Awareness Month.

Throughout this past year, the members of SCYLP have contributed to several community engagement projects at their home at Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health. The members have created two bulletin boards to continue bringing attention to positive mental health while bringing an interactive component to the hallways at the agency. Each board is comprised of positive reminders and resources of what being a part of the Stark County community truly means.

SCYLP is looking forward to collaborating with other community organizations and agencies this summer. We plan to be active in various Stark County events including: Canton First Friday, 720 Market, and local farmer’s markets. Be on the lookout for our table and members who are excited to meet you and share all about our group!


How to Get Involved

SCYLP is always looking for kind humans to join our group!

You can reach out to us through:


Instagram: @starkyouthled

Remind App: @scylpcomm